Discover Santiago de Compostela

Santiago Center Rooms

Santiago de Compostela is a town that blends past and present in a manner that offers a unique experience to those who decide to visit it. The ideal location of our appartments allows visitors to stroll through its narrow cobbled streets discovering the hidden gems of the Galician capital.

Santiago Cathedral

The most outstanding work of Romanesque art in Spain. It is a must for every visitor, its architectural style and history captivate pilgrims and tourists every year.

Food market

It is located in the monumental area of the city. Immerse yourself in Galician gastronomy with its fresh, local produce. You will also find the best restaurants in the surrounding area.


Relax for a few hours strolling through the streets around our apartaments. Don’t miss the range of small, street-levevl shops and businesses offering a wide range of clothes, jewellery and decorations, among other items.