Discover Santiago de Compostela

Lux Santiago

Santiago de Compostela has a unique personality. Immerse yourself in history and capture the magical essence of this emblematic city in the heart of Galicia as you explore its narrow cobbled streets.

Monumental area

Santiago de Compostela marks the end of the Camino de Santiago in the impressive Praza do Obradoiro, where you will discover emblematic monuments such as the majestic Cathedral, the iconic Portico de la Gloria and the imposing Palace of Raxoi, as well as an incomparable panoramic view of the city from Monte Pedroso.


Enjoy the unrivalled cuisine of Galicia, where seafood such as octopus à feira are the main attraction. Indulge in unbeatable Galician cuisine, where seafood dishes such as octopus à feira are the main attraction. To round off your meal, try one of the famous tartas de Santiago, accompanied by a glass of the region’s prestigious Albariño wine.